What is the Theatre of Yes?

A theatrical language with which to give life to high-quality works using the personal stories of people who are not professional actors but who have a lot to say. An honest, generous and beautiful language used with the result that the spectators present break their prejudices and we all become closer as a society.


  • Break stereotypes and entrenched prejudices, bringing the most forgotten parts of society closer to a space of social and personal recognition.
  • Wake up and give a voice to the most silenced and abandoned stories in this world.
  • Create an “army” of creative Yeses to expand theatre as a tool to make the most oppressed groups in the world heard.
  • Sustain spaces where organizations can, through the creativity of the Yes, discover, reflect and transform entrenched, forgotten or muted themes.
  • Expand honesty, humility, generosity and simplicity as creative weapons for personal, social, and political understanding.

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Personal values ​​for the base of the Theatre of Yes


Creativity as a way to awaken consciences, share silenced stories and transform society. In all my years of experience I have seen how the Theatre has been an engine of change, transformation, realization and analysis, as well as a form of forgiveness and bringing communities together.


I believe in the group as a way to learn, understand, share, advance and break prejudices and stereotypes. In the group you will find a safe, confidential and inspiring space for your learning process.


Beauty as a means of showing traumas, metaphorical concepts and silenced stories. The processes of the Theatre of Yes are deep and at the same time vital, through which this beauty helps us to reconnect, enjoy, understand each other and move forward together.


The work is methodical, analytical and validated by years of research and practical experience. This work is based on the use of the Theatre of Yes as a form of social justice, giving a voice to those who do not have one, hearing silenced stories and helping organizations in their creative transformation.


The positive, transformative energy that our body and its own movement give us, generating creativity. Vitality is important as a force for transforming lives, relationships, or past ideas.