Theater of Yes Blog

The Theater of Yes Blog has the aim of sharing experiences, theatrical exercises, reflexions, and theories which have been created after many years of using theatre around the world to give voice who most in need. In these articles you will find information which I hope it will be useful for the application of theatre in your profession as well in your own creativity and with the people who you work. Theatre is my passion and work with people my purpose. Please, do not hesitate to contact me and register in the newsletter to keep being informed.

Characteristics of Theatre of Yes

Characteristics of Theatre of Yes How can we create a standard quality piece? I am sure that you are wondering how we can create a quality theatre piece with people who have never done theatre before? The principles of Theatre of Yes focus on this. When I started...

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Origins Theatre of Yes

Origins Theatre of Yes The Theatre of Yes appears as a response of many questions asked during my artistic career. As many of you I love theatre and my life purpose is to support people in need. How can I combine both? How I can live economically with my both...

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