Bradford University workshop

Theatre of the Oppressed workshop at the University of Bradford
23rd & 24th March, Peace Studies and International Development department, University of Bradford


Part of the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ and created by Brazilian theatre director Augusto Boal, Forum Theatre is an applied drama technique and participatory theatre practice created to empower audience individuals to determine social change. Lead by an oppressive political and social background, Boal’s efforts consisted in establishing a dialog between audience and stage with the aim of exploring the real needs and issues of his community. The theatrical act by itself is a conscious intervention, a rehearsal for social action based on a collective analysis of shared problems of oppression.

“I absolutely loved the workshop and I hope we will be able to make it an annual event…”
Dr Fiona Macaulay, FRSA, Senior Lecturer, Division of Peace Studies and International Development, University of Bradford