About me

“Theatre has always been my passion and working with people, my purpose”

My name is Marina Pallarès-Elias and I have a degree in Physical Theatre and Social Education from the University of Barcelona and a master’s degree in Dramatherapy from Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Since 2004, I have been using theatre as a tool for social transformation. I have been developing theatre-related projects to give a voice to those most in need around the world, in countries such as Spain, Turkey, Palestine, Mexico, England, Italy, France and Germany and on an online basis for countries like India, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina.

Experience at an international level

I work with human beings. I work with communities, like gypsies, migrants, those with learning disabilities, those suffering from mental health issues, women, the deaf community, the indigenous community, the LGBTQ+ community, young people and the elderly.

In 2014, I founded and am currently directing the theatre company, Acting Now, based in the UK, where I have created more than 30 theatre pieces, using my methodology. The Theatre of Yes.

Due to the internalization of the methodology, I won international funding from Iberescena (the old city of Mexico, 2018), the Arts Council in England (indigenous women, the deaf community, 2018), the Lottery in England and Santander Bank (mental health and learning disabilities, 2015-2021) and the Microsoft Foundation (women, 2021). I also lead an equity gender project for the BBC.


I carry out training sessions using the Theatre of the Oppressed and the Theatre of Yes in different universities in England, such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Bradford and Anglia Ruskin University. In France, I run similar programmes in the University of Lille and in Spain, in La Casa Encendida.

I have presented the Theatre of Yes in international conferences like PPLG (New York 2021), the European Theatre Network (Ljubljana, 2020), Cambridge University Diversity Day (Cambridge 2020), the National Conference of Mexican Theatre (La Paz, 2019), X Inclusion social in the theatre arts [K1] (Ministry of Culture, Madrid 2018) and the Cambridge Art Network (Cambridge, 2018).