Teatro del Si

La belleza del trauma como eje de cambio para la transformación de las comunidades a través de sus propias historias

Last year, the Oriciny Press publishing house published the book “Theatre of Yes, the beauty of trauma as an axis of change for the transformation of communities through their own stories” a book written as a manual to be able to share this methodology with whoever wants to know, understand and apply this new language.

You can click on this link or contact the team to buy the book. In the same way, you can buy or order it at any bookstore in Spain and on the book platforms that exist on the internet.

In this book, I propose to answer these questions in the work of giving a voice to the most marginalised:

  • How to create quality plays working with people who need their stories to be heard?
  • Why creating quality work is essential when working with communities?
  •  How does theatre facilitate the transformation of people? either
  • How can theatre profoundly impact those who attend plays as audiences?

The Theatre of the Yes opens, expands, cleanses, yields, vindicates and reconnects.

Foreword by Pamela Palenciano.