I deserve a better chance – People with mental health issues

I Deserve a Better Chance’ is the result of six months of weekly sessions where participants of Acting Now group “Making Changes” have been dreaming and growing together whilst creating a play collectively. The group started in 2015 as a project aimed at people with and without mental health challenges in which devising a Physical Theatre play was both the ultimate goal and also the path for engaging with each other, developing skills and improving their self-esteem.

‘I Deserve a Better Chance’ pictures a mosaic of personal experiences where actors take us to a past moment of their lives when everything changed drastically. As it is common procedure at Acting Now, all stories are based on participants’ true facts while having gone through a process of collective imagination and creation. With great honesty and courage, participants share their reflections about their own challenges and existence while they claim a better chance, all seen through the powerful lens of Physical Theatre language.