Tejidos – Women Oaxaca México

In Mexico in the summer of 2018, Marina developed the Theatre of Yes project together with the organization Participatory Arts with a women’s group. This was her first opportunity to participate in a group made up exclusively of women, where men had no presence. The project was divided into two stages. In the first stage, Marina showed the different techniques that the Theatre of Yes theatre proposed. The second stage involved the preparation of a play based on the stories themselves. Going to Mexico coincided with a feeling of personal empowerment living as a woman. For different reasons, she was reflecting on what it meant to be a woman and how easily the manipulation of patriarchy abducts us because we live in a society where so many behaviours are normalized. Women have few spaces to support each other and feel joint suffering. In the group they supported and helped each other, they gave feedback and they felt part of the group. It was seen, understood, shared and experienced.