The sacrifices of millions of women before us – Young women

Marina Pallarès-Elias presented an original theatre performance by the No More Drama group. A group of young women in Cambridge brought together through their interest in theatre and their desires to be heard.

We will not Stop!’ is the first community theatre production produced by Acting Now supported by the Dulverton Trust Fund, ESRI Charitable Fund for Cambridge and the Community Reach Fund in a bid to provide a meaningful and resilient building activity for young women locally.
The aim of the theatre project is supporting the well-being of young women by offering a platform and space where they can come together feel listened to and express themselves in a creative way. 

What is life like for young women today? What are the challenges and pressures? How do they relate to such issues and to each other? How should they deal with perceptions and how do they, in turn perceive? These are all questions that have been explored over a 16 week period and then dramatized, resulting in a strong and honest performance.