Transform your organisation into a creative Yes

Many organisations, whether big or small, face issues, situations or interpersonal relationships that are difficult to deal with.

The evolution of The Theatre of Yes has made this methodology a mainstay for many organisations in their development.

How can The Theatre of Yes help your organisation?

Creating spaces for dialogue where the process is underpinned by the Yes: group creativity to generate new ideas, understand different points of view and create strategies for working as a team.

Unlocking creative potential, overcoming shyness and identifying and releasing limiting beliefs.

Using group and active creativity to reflect, discuss, analyse, discover and change awareness of silenced, entrenched or oppressed issues.

Developing a better understanding of ourselves and how we relate collectively.

Encouraging critical thinking and reflection on workplace issues, communication between professionals and gender roles.

Exploring verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as understanding the power of positive language and body language.

Examples of the use of The Theatre of Yes in organisations

BBC Gender Equity Project (UK)

To use the theatre to understand situations of abuse of power, unconscious discriminatory dynamics, and to achieve a better understanding of professional and personal relationships between women and men.

Project about international communication with the United Nations (Switzerland)

Understanding the dynamics of working in the international context versus at a local and specific level.

Project on male violence with adolescents with Pamela Palenciano

Based on the language of the Theatre of Yes to reflect on the oppressive power dynamics in male violence and to see alternatives to get out of them.

TejeRedes project about using the body as a more effective group dialogue (Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain).

Dynamics and exercises of the Theatre of Yes used to create more real, honest, group dialogues, in short, more human.


Participant BBC (UK, Cambridge)

“It provided me with tools that are useful for solving conflicts by exploring alternatives, motivations and reflecting on reasons and other perspectives”.

Participant BBC (UK, Cambridge)

“I felt challenged, connected, expressive, surprised and full of new methods, connections and inspirations to work with”.

TejeRedes Team (Chile-Venezuela-Argentina-Uruguay-Spain)

“Finding the Theatre of Yes has been wonderful to be able to use the body and emotions to deal with issues from a much closer point of view”.

TejeRedes Team (Chile-Venezuela-Argentina-Uruguay-Spain)

“The methodology of the Theatre of Yes has helped us to innovate and create new working spaces within the organisation”.